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Metalodic signs Aclla

Metalodic signs Aclla
Metalodic Records is proud to announce the signing of the brazilian band ACLLA for a world wide release of their debut album LANDSCAPE REVOLUTION.

The song The Hidden Dawn can be listened to the Metalodic MySpace:


Landscape Revolution - May,23th 2011

1 – The Totem
2 – The Hidden Dawn
3 – Under Twilight Skies
4 – Ride
5 – Living for a Dream
6 – Jaguar
7 – Overcoming
8 – Landscape Revolution
9 – Flight of the 7th Moon
10 – Trace
11 – Beyond the Infinite Ocean
12 – Sun 'n' Moon
13 – Who Brings on the Night? (Bonus Track )
14 – Sunlight (Bonus Track)

(All info in attached file)

Formed in 2007 by singer Tato Deluca, the band ACLLA has a lyrical purpose entirely focused on the conflictshumankind has been facing in the beginning of this new millennium: a world subject to imminent climate change, thegrowing awareness of people about their responsibility towards the environment and, of course, people’s internalconflicts. How to face each day in such a chaotic world? How to worry about nature and feel like part of it if we firstlyhave to heal our own wounds? To answer these and other questions, Tato Deluca decided to use music to encouragepeople to discuss these issues and reconnect to Earth. Deluca, with producer Ricardo Nagata’s help, gathered a first-class team of musicians: Bruno Ladislau (bass guitar); Denison Fernandes and Chrystian Dozza (guitars); EloyCasagrande (drums); and Tato Deluca (vocals).In April 2009, ACLLA started recording their debut album “Landscape Revolution”, that clearly shows the mixture ofinfluences of the group. In a heavy style composed by modern tones and elaborate rhythms, “Landscape Revolution”shows passion and respect for nature exposing the alarming situation of the planet. “Do you really think we’ll be safeand untouchable as Nature falls?” – asks the lyric of the song “Beyond the Infinite Ocean”. Besides the “attitudechange”, the band also brings up matters such as overcoming, persistence and the relation between man and naturethrough the view of indigenous peoples.All of it comes in a lot of Rock’n’Roll, sometimes heavier, sometimes softer, resulting in a great musical variety

for more sounds, please visit: www.myspace.com/aclla

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