domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2009

Disbelief News

Alex Hagenauer of Souldemise joins DISBELIEF as tour-guitarist for the upcoming "Hell Goes On" - Tour in january 2010!

Disbelief is still searching for a new guitar player for the upcoming events after the tour. Interested guitar-players, please get in contact:

The title of the upcoming 20th anniversary album of Disbelief will be "Heal!"!

This album will be released in april 2010 by Massacre Records.

Seven songs are included, three of them are cover - versions (Killing Joke - A Love Like Blood, King Diamond - Welcome Home, Crimson Glory - Red Sharks) plus four selfmade songs (Certainty Of Reality, The Eyes of Horror, The Last Force: Attack! and Isolation). Disbelief are seeing this songs as a hommage to the following bands: Slayer, Crowbar, Death and Bolt Thrower. With these songs Disbelief want to show their honestly respect for these bands.

"Heal!" will be the first self-recorded and -mixed album of Disbelief.

The cd will be relesed with a bonus-DVD featuring live-material of the band. "

Font: Massacre Records Press