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Mastiphal finished recordings of new album entitled "Parvzya"!

Mastiphal finished recordings of new album entitled "Parvzya"!

One of the most important Polish black metal bands of the 90s – originated from Katowice, Mastiphal after reuniting for both live and studio activities has just finished recordings of their new, first in 15 years studio album. “Parvzya” was recorded in Maq Studio in Wojkowice. In November Mastiphal will fly to Stockholm to mix the album in famous Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Funeral Mist, Destroyer 666).

Recording session lasted almost whole September with sound engineer Jarosław Toifl. In the upcoming weeks Mastiphal travels to Sweden’s Necromorbus Studio to mix and master the album with Sverker Widgren - "Widda" is a singer of Swedish band Demonical who also finish recordings of their new album. We’re going to spend one week in Stockholm, however first part of mixing work will be done before we arrive, so we will have the first outcome just when we enter the studio”.– explains Flauros, singer of Mastiphal.

The title of new album means in Greek ‘presence, appearance’. “We’ve never been modest. Parvzya means for us the return of Mastiphal. However there’s of course the second meaning – on the religious level – ‘parvzya’ is the day of hell’s wrath which will be followed by all plagues and misery. Since most churches is still waiting for ‘parvzya’, the subject of Judgement Day still fires the minds of many. We of course have different opinion on that. Look at the cover of the album – rebellion and mutiny is the crucial aspect of Mastiphal music. So you can just expect the worst! „Man Strikes, God Falls” says the title of one new song – says Flauros promising the return to late 80’s/early 90’s – This sounds fast, very heavy and uncompromising. I have no doubts this is 100 percent of old school style of playing black metal music. When I listen to those songs I have the impression that we still live at the end of 80’s. You can be sure this will be irreligious” – underlines Flauros, who together with guitar player Cymeris, is the original member of Mastiphal.

New in the line-up are second guitarist Daamr, with whom Flauros cooperated in Darzamat and InDread Cold, bass played Oppressor and drummer Senator.

Mastiphal recorded 11 new songs. However only 9 of them will be featured on CD version. One extra track was recorded exclusively for vinyl version, another one for special compilation entitled Silesian Black Attack. – This compilation features most important black metal bands from our region. For this album every band (among them as well Besatt, Furia, Massemord or Throneum) will record one new song. The release date is also set for 2011 – adds Flauros.

Mastiphal together with Christ Agony, Behemoth and Graveland, is one of the oldest black metal bands in Poland. In September 2009 Witching Hour Productions released retrospective double CD entitled „Damnatio Memoriae” which contained all recorded Mastiphal releases from the past. New album will be released in early 2011. The band returned to stage activity this year playing two shows with Mayhem, first after over a 10-year break.

Current Mastiphal line-up:

Flauros - vocal
Daamr - guitars, bass
Oppressor - guitars, bass
Cymeris - guitars
Senator - drums



Font: Michal Kapusciarz - www.witchinhour.pl

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