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Eufobia News

Eufobia News

The Bulgarian Death’n’Roll band EUFOBIA (www.eufobia.com) and their label WIZARD.LTD (www.wizard.bg) are revealing the Cover Artwork and the Tracklist of their upcoming release “Cup of Mud” 2011. The Artwork was done by C. Chioreanu from TWILIGHT 13 MEDIA (www.twilight13media.com). The edition itself would be a DigiPack , including those 10 tracks and multimedia with the band's Official Videos for the "Cruel Child" track (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmp3h12IfqQ) and for the "Frog" track.

ARTWORK: http://www.eufobia.com/images/stories/FRONT_FINAL.jpg

TRACKLIST: 1.Violin 2.Mailigna 3.Laid to Rest 4.Believer 5.Cruel Child 6.Rain of Snails 7.Frog 8.Mud 9.Silver Air 10.Violin (instrumental)

CRUEL CHILD Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmp3h12IfqQ

Font: Eufobia Press

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