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CIRCLE OF BARDS confirms release date of "Tales" and presents new video!

CIRCLE OF BARDS confirms release date of "Tales" and presents new video!

Circle Of Bards is a band created in 2008 as a development of an idea of one man: a vocalist and a composer – Mariusz Migalka. Originally conceived as a side activity, focused on recording a fully acoustic album, comprised of celtic ballads inspired by the world of fantasy.
After first successes proving that Circle Of Bards is quite a unique entity and great response from both folk and progressive background the band recorded full album after signing to Electrum Production. The debut album entitled "Tales" will be available in Europe via Twilight Distribution since 21st February 2011, comes in quality digipack and consists of 11 songs:

1. Welcome
2. My Magic Song
3. Scarlet Moon
4. Fighting the Dragons
5. Our Own Land
6. Czarne Smoki
7. Bridges We Shall Pass
8. Tęczowy Most
9. When the Bard Sings
10. Circle of Bards
11. Farewell

From now on official Electrum Production Youtube channel: you can watch the latest Circle Of Bards' clip to the song "Our Own Land". In the video made by the Kaiju group it was possible to catch the characteristic elements of Bard's music like transience and unreality of world contained in the stories, which comes alive every time in a song. Check this video and new website of the band and enter the mysterious realm of Circle Of Bards with wandering minstrels and ancient legends !

“Tales” is an album to be played when you need relaxation and high quality calm music. Sounds sipping from the speakers are somehow therapeutic” –

“If you like bands like Blackmore’s Night, the folkier side of Jethro Tull and Celtic music in general, you will have to add Circle Of Bards to your collection” –,

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