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Polish progmetal QUBE releases new album "Incubate" in January!

Polish progmetal QUBE releases new album "Incubate" in January!

Polish progressive metal/rock outfit QUBE has recently signed a deal with Electrum Production for the european release of their second album "Incubate". Originating from Lublin this 5-piece mixes progressive and technical elements with hardcore, energetic nu-metal, psychodelic artrock atmosphere, complex shapes and sometimes even funk.

Their second album was recorded early this year in Mantis Studio - soon after QUBE signed a contract and released "Incubate" firstly only in Poland in the second part of 2010. The album received very positive feedback and the band decided to present their music to wider audience. Thanks to Twilight Vertrieb distribution - "Incubate" will be released on 21st January 2011 europewide.

"Incubate" contains 6 progressive works:

4.In The Name Of God
6.Way To Nowhere

First track from this album is available for free download on band's official site - www.qube.com.pl
The closing track is available for streaming on band's Myspace site - www.myspace.com/qubelu

Currently QUBE is recording their first video for the track "In The Name Of God" which will be available around release date.
The band is also setting for spring "Incubate Tour" together with VOTUM - together they will play in 9 biggest cities in Poland.

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