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COMA releases new video for “F.T.M.O.” (“Feel The Music’s Over”)! “Excess” already in stores!

COMA releases new video for “F.T.M.O.” (“Feel The Music’s Over”)! “Excess” already in stores!

COMA, the most popular and most impressive Polish metal band of XXI century after dominating the official charts in their home country (album “Live” released as double CD, double DVD and BLU-RAY had debuted this spring at position no. 3 leaving behind new releases of Scorpions, Madonna and Goldfrapp, and went platinum just 3 days after release date) is heading for Europe and whole world with their new studio album. “Excess” was recorded in spring 2010 and features 12 songs.

Coma has just released new video for first single from “Excess” album entitled “Feel The Music’s Over” (“F.T.M.O.”) – it can be viewed at Mystic Production Youtube Channel:

The videoclip features several scenes from the movie “Pigs On The Wings”, where Piotr Rogucki (COMA singer) played one the main roles. The movie will hit the cinemas this November

This single is also available for streaming at band’s official Myspace site: www.myspace.com/comagroup together with the second song “Transfusion”.

Here’s the full “Excess” tracklist:

3.Poisonous Plants
7.Afternoons In The Colour Of Lemon
8.Witnesses Of The Decline Of The Eternal Boys Land
9.Silence And Fire
Bonus tracks:

“Excess” was released on 11th October via Mystic Production in Europe and on the same day in North America by Armoury Records/Eagle Rock.
www.comagroup.eu, www.myspace.com/comagroup

First European media reactions are stunning:

“Especially in their native language, the heavy metal mixed joint venture of the post-grunge Pearl Jam category, has a lot of potential. It is catchy and mass compatible as the German band Reamonn” - METAL HAMMER (GER)

"Excess" is a nice CD which shows that also in Poland (our Eastern neighbours) there is full-bodied Rock music that does not have to hide from artists from the US or the United Kingdom” - BREAK OUT (GER)

“they've got the knack of merging popular hooks with slightly edgy art-metal sounds in a Tool meets Nickelback kind of way” – Zeitgeist (UK)

"Excess" absolutely has the international format and has an original independence with a penchant for experiments. "Excess" is catchy enough for Rock fans, but at the same time it has enough hardness and ideas in order to excite fans of progressive or metallic tones. Especially in its quieter moments, "Excess" is great and most original” - BIG FIVE (GER)

“With roots in heavy rock like Led Zeppelin and inspiration from Pearl Jam via a modern sound they get a concept that is very compact and powerful“ – Critical Mass (SWE)

“The vocals are powerful and suits the style perfectly. If a reference should be made, it sounds like a mix of Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) and Michael Stipe (R.E.M.). I think this is an album that could hit it big, if it does it will be the big mass that appreciates it.” – We Rock (SWE)

COMA is the absolute phenomenon – their last album released in 2008 in Poland only went double platinum and sold over 50 000 copies. Band was awarded with two Grammys in 2009 (Best Rock Band, Best Vocalist). No need to say that band’s concerts are sold-out in all parts of the country. You can check breathtaking trailer of their performance at Mystic Production YouTube channel – www.youtube.com/mysticprodtv

Font: Mick Kapusciarz - Mystic Production - Head of Marketing & Distribution

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